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100 models including Christy Turlington and Iskra Lawrence sign open letter to Victoria''''s Secret''''s CEO decrying ''''culture of misogyny, bullying, and harassment'''' at the lingerie company, saying it is ''''worse than ever''''
· Over 100 models sign open letter calling for Victoria''''s Secrets to take action
· Model Alliance allege firm has ''''culture of misogyny, bullying, and harassment''''
· Christy Turlington, Iskra Lawrence, Edie Campbell, Amber Valletta sign letter
· Top executive Ed Razek allegedly asked women to sit on his lap and kiss him
By CHRIS DYER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:13 GMT, 6 February 2020 | upxeD: 14:37 GMT, 6 February 2020


Signatories of the letter include catwalk stars such as Christy Turlington Burns, Iskra Lawrence, Edie Campbell, Amber Valletta and Felicity Hayward.
Models who have worked with Victoria''''s Secret such as Karen Elson and Caitriona Balfe also co-signed the document.

广发彩票_[开户赠金]包括克里斯蒂·特林顿·伯恩斯(Christy Turlington Burns)、伊斯拉·劳伦斯(Iskra Lawrence)、伊迪·坎贝尔(Edie Campbell)、安布尔·瓦莱塔(Amber Valletta)和费利西蒂·海沃德(Felicity Hayward)等t台明星均在公开信中进行了签名。曾与维密合作过的模特,如凯伦·埃尔森和凯特里奥娜·巴尔夫也一同在这封公开信上进行了署名。

Barbara Palvin, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Alexina Graham on the catwalk Victoria''''s Secret Fashion Show, Runway, New York, in November 2018. None of the above pictured signed The Model Alliance''''s letter to CEO John Mehas

2018年11月,在纽约的维密时装秀的T台上走秀的芭芭拉·帕尔文、Yasmin Wijnaldum、温妮·哈洛、吉吉·哈迪德、肯达尔·詹娜和阿列克谢娜·格雷厄姆。但她们并没有在在公开信上署名

Caitriona Balfe during 8th Annual Victoria''''s Secret Fashion Show. She was one of more than 100 signatories to the open letter

第八届维密年度时装秀上的Caitriona Balfe。(注:美剧《古战场传奇》女主角)她是这封公开信的100多个签名者之一

The New York Times article described a ''''culture of misogyny, bullying, and harassment'''' at Victoria''''s Secret among current and former executives, employees and contractors.
They allege a climate of misogyny was fostered by two top executives - Ed Razek and Les Wexner - at Victoria''''s Secrets parent company, L Brands.

《纽约时报》的文章描述了现任和前任维密高管、员工和外包商中存在一种“厌女、欺凌和骚扰文化”。他们称,维多利亚的秘密的母公司L Brands的两名高管埃德·拉扎克和莱斯·韦克斯纳助长了厌女风气。

''''We believe that this moment can be a wake-up call for Victoria''''s Secret,'''' the letter states.
The group go on to allege they met with bosses at the firm but their complaints were not taken seriously.


The letter states: ''''The Model Alliance met with Tammy Roberts Myers, Chief Communications Officer of L Brands in New York City last September, it was made abundantly clear that Victoria''''s Secret does not take these complaints seriously.
''''In a follow-up email she told us that Victoria''''s Secret was not ready to take any concrete steps towards addressing these allegations - rather, the company is simply, ''''''''in the process of continued learning and listening''''''''.''''

广发彩票_[开户赠金]信中写道:“去年9月,模特联盟在纽约市会见了L Brands的首席公关官塔米·罗伯茨·迈尔斯,很明显,维密并没有认真对待这些申诉。“在随后的一封邮件中,迈尔斯表示维密还没有准备好采取任何具体措施来解决这些指控——相反,公司正处于“倾听和了解过程当中”。

The group goes on to describe the treatment of models at the firm as ''''human rights violations''''.
It read: ''''In the face of the horrifying revelations from the past year, this response is utterly unacceptable.
''''Human rights violations can''''t be stopped with a corporate rebranding exercise.''''


Model Christy Turlington at the Chanel Metiers D''''Art Show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2018. She was one of the most high-profile signatories of the letter

2018年,模特克里斯蒂·特林顿现身于纽约大都会艺术博物馆的香奈儿Metiers D’Art Show上。她是这封信中最引人注目的签名者之一

Iskra Lawrence (left) and Edie Campbell (right) both signed the open letter to Victoria''''s Secret CEO about concerns over bullying and misogyny

Iskra Lawrence(上)和Edie Campbell(下)都在致维密CEO的公开信上进行了签名,以表达了对公司欺凌和厌女的担忧

Model Andi Muise alleged that Victoria''''s Secret stopped hiring her for its fashion shows after she rebuffed Razek''''s advances.
Razek, 71, a former executive at L Brands who stepped down in October, allegedly asked women to sit on his lap and kiss him, according to sources who spoke to The Times.

广发彩票_[开户赠金]模特安迪·缪斯声称,在拒绝了拉扎克的求爱后,“维密”随即对她进行了封杀。现年71岁的拉扎克曾是L Brands公司的高管,于去年10月辞职。据《纽约时报》的消息人士透露,拉扎克曾要求女生们坐在他的腿上亲吻他。

The article detailed complaints of inappropriate conduct towards models and employees.
Sources claimed crotch-grabbing, body shaming, lewd remarks and retaliation for the rebuffing advances were common among workers.
It also stated the models'''' images were used unauthorized and some were pressured to pose nude without any pay.


Casey Crowe Taylor, a former public relations employee, told the newspaper: ''''This abuse was just laughed off and accepted as normal.And anyone who tried to do anything about it wasn''''t just ignored. They were punished.''''
According to Last week it emerged billionaire L Brands boss Leslie Wexner, 82, may step down and sell the company after his past association with Jeffrey Epstein has drawn increasing scrutiny.

前公关人员凯西·克洛·泰勒告诉《纽约时报》:“这种骚扰行为只能被当做笑谈,很正常的潜规则。任何有反抗的声音都会被忽略掉。他们必须要受到惩罚。据上周透露,现年82岁的亿万富翁、L Brands公司老板莱斯利·韦克斯纳可能辞职并卖掉公司,此前他与杰弗里·爱泼斯坦之间的关系已越来越受到人们的关注。

Wexner reportedly hired Epstein as a financial adviser and remained close friends prior to recent accusations.
The 82-year-old is reportedly looking to sell Victoria''''s Secret and step down as CEO, according to The Wall Street Journal.

据报道,韦克斯纳曾聘请爱泼斯坦为财务顾问,在最近的指控之前,他们一直是亲密的朋友。据《华尔街日报》报道,现年82岁的维密 CEO迈克尔·杰克逊打算出售公司,并辞去CEO一职。

A Victoria''''s Secret store, a subsidiary of L Brands Inc., in New York. The Model Alliance claim they met with with bosses at the firm but their complaints were not taken seriously

维多利亚的秘密是L Brands Inc.在纽约的子公司。模特联盟声称他们与公司老板进行了会见,但是维密对模特们的抱怨并没有重视

The co-signatories of the open letter published yesterday, that included Christy Turlington Burns, Iskra Lawrence, Edie Campbell, Amber Valletta, Karen Elson and Caitriona Balfe


''''We''''re proud of the progress we''''ve made and remain committed to continuous improvement.
''''We''''re always open to engage with those looking to make improvements in the industry.''''


Last August''''s letter to Victoria''''s Secret, also signed by Angel Doutzen Kroes, called out sexual harassment and abuse in the industry.
It mentioned the alleged sexual misconduct by photographers Timur Emek, David Bellemere and Greg Kadel, and their power within the Victoria''''s Secret brand over its models.
These male photographers were accused last year of taking advantage of the models they shot and allegedly forcing some to perform sexual favors or pose nude.

去年8月,安吉尔·杜森·克罗斯在写给维密的信中指出了该行业的性骚扰和性侵问题。它提到了摄影师Timur Emek、David Bellemere和Greg Kade的品行不端,还指出他们手握维密模特的生杀大权。去年,这些男性摄影师被控通过威逼利诱模特,强迫他们为一些人提供裸照或性服务。